February 28, 2012

Gas up to $5 a gallon?

Gas prices are on the rise...again. I remember when my husband and I were first married, we got gas for only $.99 a gallon! I'm serious! We would fill up our car for about $10! Our little car had great gas mileage, and didn't cost much to fill up.
Then, we started having kids. This meant, we needed a bigger vehicle for our family. We got a mini van. (Yes, we became a mini van family.) By this time, gas was at $2 a gallon. So, we could fill up our van for around $36. Well, now, I typically pay around $56 to fill up our van. If gas keeps going up, as they have projected it to, I will be paying over $5 a gallon! That means, my cute van will cost me $90 to fill up! That is crazy!

When I found this out, I decided I needed to know how to increase the fuel mileage for both of our vehicles. I did a search and found some tips from WikiHow on increasing your fuel mileage to keep the cost of driving down.
  • Plan your route so you can make all the stops needed  instead of making extra trips.
  • Lighten your load. (I decided since I've lost 35 pounds and my husband has lost 85, we have reduced our fuel mileage when we drive together.)
  • Slow down to increase fuel efficency.
  • Tune up your engine.
  • Avoid idling when waiting at the drive thru.
  • Keep a safe following distance so you don't brake and accelerate more than nessasary.
These are just a few ideas for increasing your fuel mileage. If you find other ways to save money on your gas, please let us know! Because saving money on your car {Makes Cents!}

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