January 19, 2012

Baking With Egg Powder

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Have you ever wondered how to use Egg Powder? Maybe you didn't even know you could buy egg powder. I will be honest, the first time I used powdered eggs, I was a little nervous. Okay, maybe more than a little nervous. I was very nervous. I had never used them before, and I wondered if they would work.

I will never forget that Sunday afternoon. We had come home from church and I got a hankering for cookies and milk. We used our last egg that morning for breakfast. Every recipe I had called for two or more eggs. What is a girl to do? When you get a craving for cookies and milk, you just got to do something about it!

I didn't want to go shopping because it was Sunday. But, I knew I had some powdered eggs hiding in a deep dark spot in a can in the basement. So, bravely, I went down and started digging. You see, this was before I started using Thrive foods. Back in those days, all my #10 cans had the same labels and we had to dig around to find the right one. And, back then, I didn't have my food storage as organized as I do now. So, digging I went. I finally found the right can and brought it upstairs. After it was opened, I stared at the yellow powder inside. I didn't know what to expect. But, I admit, I was kinda surprised by it.

I read the directions on how to use powdered eggs. Then, I re-read them to make sure I got it right. And, I read them again! You would think that 1 Tablespoon egg powder and 2 Tablespoons of water would be easy enough to understand. But, I wanted to make sure I was getting it right. I wanted good cookies.

I mixed the egg powder into the cookie dough, put it in the oven and waited. I tried to remind myself that people use egg powder all the time. Many bakeries use whole egg powder in everything they bake because it is more consistent than eggs from the store. But, I was still wondering what my cookies would turn out like.

Before I knew it, the time rang. The cookies were done.

As I pulled them out of the oven, I noticed they looked and smelled great! I was so excited! After I took them off the pan, I took my first bite. They were so good! They tasted just like the cookies I had made with regular eggs. In fact, they were not a flat as the ones I typically make. My family had heard the timer, and within seconds the kids were running into the kitchen to eat hot cookies. We ate every one of them! I was so excited I had learned how to use whole egg powder and my family didn't notice a difference.

Now, we use Thrive Whole Egg Powder at our house. It has been months since I bought eggs at the store. I LOVE using it in baking. I LOVE making things with it. I LOVE the fact that I can make cookies on a Sunday and not need to run to the store. I LOVE having a home store where I can just use eggs whenever I want to.

So, now that you have heard my egg story, here are some equivalents for using egg powder in cooking:
  • 1 Tablespoon Egg Powder + 2 Tablespoons Water = 1 Whole Egg
  • 2 Tablespoons Egg Powder + 1/4 cup Water = 2 Eggs
  • 3 Tablespoons Egg + 6 Tablespoons Water = 3 Eggs
 And, I thought I would share some tips on Whole Egg Powder:
  • They are free of samonella. This means, you can eat cookie dough. YEA!
  • You can substitute egg powder in any recipe that calls for eggs. They are perfect for pancakes, cookies, brownies, breads, cakes, and anything that needs eggs.
  • Yes, you can make scrambled eggs using egg powder.
  • Egg Powder has a shelf life unopened of 5 years.
  • Once you open them they will last 6 months on your shelf.
  • They don't need to be refrigerated. You just store them in your pantry, next to all your other baking goods.
  • These are perfect for camping! They won't break and they don't take up cooler space. =)
  • There are over 230 eggs in a #10 can! When was the last time you fit 230 eggs in your refrigerator?
  • If you have a smaller family, then a pantry can would be perfect for you. There are 60 eggs in it. That is 5 dozen and it will still be good to use for 6 months after you open it.
  • Powdered Eggs make awesome french toast!
  • My favorite thing is: You can eat the cookie dough when you use powdered eggs!
I hope this you learned something today about egg powder. Let me know if you decide to try out the egg powder at your home!
If you are interested in buying Whole Egg Powder to try it out at your house, you can click here.

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